Dining Experiences

How about spending a memorable evening with a private gourmet chef cooking the most exotic local dishes at your vacation home? Huespedia selects some of the best private chefs in town and brings them right to your door. There is no better way to explore the tastes, colors and textures that the regional cuisine has to offer. This plan is ideal for couples looking to spend an intimate evening, friends looking to share a relaxed evening at home or families looking to spend quality time together.

How about going out and exploring the best restaurants the city has to offer? Huespedia provides unmatched access to the best local restaurants, including a wide selection of cuisines, atmospheres and price profiles to meet any budget. Whether you are in the mood for a Michelin starred dinner or want to grab a bite at an unpretentious local gem, Huespedia will be there to provide expert recommendations, help with bookings and make any special arrangements you might fancy.

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